How I Won $1,000 While Driving with MileUp!

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**Update: MileUp has collected all of the data that they need from users so they are no longer awarding prizes. Joining now will only let you see how you’re driving.**


If you have to drive a lot then you might feel like all you do is spend money on things like gas, car insurance, and maintenance. I have two teenagers and even though one of them can drive now I still spend a lot of time running around to sports, school events, doctors appointments and countless other things. So when I learned about the MileUp app I was curious.

How does it work?

You install the app on your smartphone and follow the instructions to create an account. Then when you drive MileUp will collect information about your trip such as the distance and your driving behavior. Then you’re awarded points that you can use to enter sweepstakes. There are also driving challenges that you can enter to earn extra points.How I Won $1,000 While Driving with MileUp!

Is it safe?

We all know that it isn’t a good idea to use your phone while driving so I was worried about how this would work. Turns out one of the best features of MileUp is that it doesn’t even have to be open on your phone to work! That’s right, the app will still record your trips with the app closed. You can wait until you are safe at home to open it up, let the trips sync, and use your points to enter the sweepstakes that interest you.

But can you really win anything?

YES!! Like many people I’m skeptical about entering contests and sweepstakes. But I had the points, so I entered. Then one day I received an email from MileUp stating that I had won a $1000 gift card from Best Buy! I submitted my paperwork (since the prize was over $600 I will receive a 1099 for tax purposes) and a few weeks later they emailed me my gift card. It was 100% legit! Needless to say, my teens were thrilled and they happily spent most of the card for me. I did manage to snag a new Fitbit before it was all gone. So if you’re interested in seeing if you can win too just go here and sign up!

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