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Weight Watchers 2020 Is Here!!

Weight Watchers 2020 Is Here!

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Today is the day! WW (formerly Weight Watchers) has launched their MyWW program and there truly is something for everyone. Back when they released their Freestyle program I wrote a post about how much I loved it. I still think it’s one of the best changes they’ve ever made. They lowered your daily points budget, but made over 200 foods zero points!! As someone who doesn’t eat meat this was a game changer. Beans and tofu became zero points and that made things so much easier for me. But not everyone was happy with the changes. A lot of people felt like the zero point foods allowed them too much freedom whereas other really missed an option they used to have called Simply Filling. With Simply Filling you ate until satisfied from a large list of foods and only counted points for things not on that list. People were pretty divided by the changes. Well WW heard the cries and brings us three plan choices with MyWW!

Weight Watchers 2020 Is Here!

Green Plan

If you are familiar with the plan right before Freestyle that was just SmartPoints, then you will be familiar with the Green plan. You get more daily points with this plan, but most foods will have points again. The zero point list is back to being mostly just fruits and non-starchy vegetables. The people who missed the structure and felt like they were overdoing it on zero point foods seem to be picking this plan.

Blue Plan

This is the Freestyle plan that we’ve had for the past two years. So if it has been working for you then you can stick with it. You’ll get a moderate amount of daily points and over 200 foods are still zero points. Starchy vegetable and grains have points on this plan, but many meats, beans, legumes, tofu and other things people look to for protein are zero. People who like a middle-of-the-road approach are liking this plan.

Purple Plan

This plan is similar to Simply Filling or Core from previous plan. You get a small daily points budget, but over 300 foods are zero points! Potatoes, whole wheat pasta, and many other grains are zero on this plan! For some this is terrifying, but for others it’s amazing. I see a lot of vegans and vegetarians moving toward this plan. A lot of us who eat plant based diets feel that we were being penalized for eating healthy foods and now they’re zero!

Can I Change Plans?

You sure can! WW suggests that you give a plan two weeks before changing, but changing is very easy. The best part is, if you enter your own foods or recipes the app will recalculate the points automatically! You don’t have to reenter anything! Because I often eat the same foods for breakfast and lunch, I changed between all three plans to get an idea of what my day would look like before making my selection. With three plans to choose from you can find the one that works best for you, or just change it up if you’ve hit a wall.

What hasn’t changed?

While this is a lot of changes, there are many things that haven’t changed! You can still join if you’re a breastfeeding mother. You can still earn extra points for activity and each plan still gets a weekly points allowance so that you never feel deprived. You also get the amazing support of the WW staff whether you’re an online only or Workshop member.

Which plan will you choose?

Already a WW member? Which plan are you trying? Not a member yet? Why don’t you join me?! You can sign up here!

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