A Review of “The Year of Less”

A Review of "The Year of Less"

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Recently I asked for blogs, podcasts, or books about people who have paid off a lot of debt on a low income. I love reading debt free stories of all types. However, sometimes it can be daunting to read stories where people are making a ton of money and just need to not buy quite so many lattes when you don’t feel like there’s anything else you can cut. I got a ton of amazing suggestions and plan to follow up on all of them. Several people mentioned Cait Flanders in that post. I used to read Cait’s blog and those comments reminded me that I’d sort of forgotten about it. I had added her book The Year of Less to my Amazon wishlist, but sort of forgot about it too.

So when several people mentioned how good her book was, I decided to do something I never do, and that’s pay full price for a Kindle book. I normally wait until Amazon has them on deep discount, but something told me to just buy this one. I also did something with her book that I rarely do…I finished it in two days. The Year of Less is an engrossing memoir of the year that Cait spend not shopping. She was already out of debt at this point, but felt she was still spending money unnecessarily. So she set up some rules and embarked on a year long shopping ban. A Review of "The Year of Less"

It’s funny how you get impressions of bloggers from the little bit of their lives they share in their writing. I admit I had this mental picture of what her life was like, and this book made me realize I was very wrong. While she leads a very different life than I do and had very different struggles, I still found that I was really able to relate to her. I could see my own challenges in hers, and many of my reactions to my own problems were similar to hers. She’s so real and so honest in this book, and on her blog.

I actually found myself clapping when I was nearing the end of the book because I was suddenly inspired so much but what she’d managed to do. It really gave me a ton of ideas about how I could implement my own shopping ban to get out of debt and lead a life like I truly want. I would recommend this book to anyone who has ever wanted to make a really big change in their life, or who has thought about challenging themself to something that someone might find extreme. Check out her blog to get more of a feel for who she is and pick up her book!

I’m still thinking through my takeaways from her book and what I want to do, but trust that there will be more on this in the near future!

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