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These days most people have a smartphone. Why not let that phone work for you? I do a variety of things on my phone that allow me to not only save money, but also make money.

Cricket Wireless – My first big savings was with the phone itself! I was out of contract, and have a perfectly good iPhone. So rather than enter back into a pricey contract to get the newest phone, I decided to look for some savings. I ended up taking my phone to Cricket Wireless. I went from $67 a month to $35! I have unlimited talk and text, and 2.5 GB of data for $40. Auto-pay saves me an additional $5. My service hasn’t been any different than what I had before and their customer service is great! If you’re interested in switching, you can use my referral code EMMYCAITLIN1-E93D39 and get a $25 credit! You can also shoot me an email at and I can email you a link.

Swagbucks – One of the biggest ways I use my phone to earn is by using Swagbucks. I just started really taking advantage of this site right before Christmas this year, but I had enough to get a $25 Amazon gift card to help with Christmas, and my goal this year is to earn enough to pay for a big chunk of my holiday shopping. I follow the advice in this post, and primarily use the mobile apps. When I’m not using my phone, it’s earning me Swagbucks!

EBates – This is a cash back shopping site. You can install a browser extension if you use Chrome, or just visit the site before you shop to view coupons and cash back offers. Most recently I earned $1.60 just for purchasing something at Staples that I had to buy. Using the extension really helps because it will let you know if cash back is available when you visit a site.

iBotta – This is a shopping app that I haven’t even fully tapped into yet. But in the very short time I’ve been using it, I have accrued $22.25 just from my regular shopping. You can browse offers at the stores you already shop at, select the ones you want, and validate the offers by scanning your receipt. There are also bonuses for buying certain items.

Shopkick – This one is kind of fun. You can earn what are called Kicks for just walking into certain stores. Once inside, there may be certain products you can scan to earn more kicks, and if you connect a Visa card you can earn kicks on some purchases. I haven’t cashed in yet, but I’ve already earned a small gift card for the little bit I’ve done. I’m just going to keep letting it add up.

Checkout51 – This one isn’t my favorite because there aren’t very many offers, but I’ve made $1.75 and I’m hoping that more will be added as time goes on. This one is very similar to iBotta where you select offers, then scan your receipt.Make Money Using Your Phone

Receipt Hog – I’m still figuring this one out. You take a picture of your receipts, and earn coins that I believe are redeemable for gift cards. It is very easy to use.

Wal-Mart Savings Catcher – Wal-Mart has it’s own mobile app that you can download that will do all sorts of things. The Savings Catcher allows you to scan or enter your receipt, and it will look for lower prices at nearby stores. If it finds a lower price, it will credit you the difference. You can cash out for a Wal-Mart gift card at any time. I’ve successfully cashed out twice.

Target Cartwheel – This one saved me some serious money just the other day. You can search for products in the store that have special offers attached to them. You add them to your list, and at checkout you just let the cashier scan your barcode on your phone. Just recently I purchased a game that my son wanted for his XBox One. This game’s regular price was $60. It was on sale for $40, and there was a cartwheel offer for 35% off. I also used my Red Debit card and saved another 5% which made my total $26! Yes you read that right, you can get a debit card that links to your current bank account and get the 5% savings that the credit card holders get!

Save with Cartwheel for Apple – Sign Up Now

Save with Cartwheel for Android – Sign Up Now

Cardpool – This one is a bonus that I just learned about today and have already used! It’s not limited to your phone, but it’s a site where you can sell unwanted gift cards. I was able to sell a card I’d never use and get an Amazon card instead! Use my link and get $5 off your first purchase!

So there it is! My huge list of ways to save and make money from your phone! Are you using any of these apps? Do you like one that isn’t listed here?

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