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What’s a Minimalist?

I can’t remember when I first heard the term minimalist. I wish that I could, because as I read more about minimalism, those who are most vocal about their journeys all seem to remember when they first heard the term. I don’t remember, and I guess it really isn’t that important. I know that I must have heard it around the time of my bankruptcy. Chances are I was reading about something related to going bankrupt, and somewhere that term came up. I just know that when I heard it, it made sense. I read more and more from people who had embraced that lifestyle, and I wanted it for myself. [bctt tweet=”“Your home is living space, not storage space.” ― Francine Jay” username=”emmycaitlin”] The first thing I learned was that it meant you owned fewer things. The idea that our stuff owns us instead of the other way around is a common theme in the minimalism community. Fresh from my bankruptcy proceedings, I could see that to be 100% true. I had stuff. I had a LOT of stuff. Suddenly all of that stuff took on a whole new meaning. I didn’t even know what I really owned, I…

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Confessions of a Food Waster

I’m a food waster. I’m not saying this because it’s something I’m proud of, but because it is a fact. It’s not that I’m someone who hates to eat leftovers so I just toss them and make a new meal. Truth is I love leftovers because it means I don’t have to cook again. That’s the problem….I LOATHE cooking. I’d rather do just about any other household task than preparing a meal. My kids will tell you that we eat the same things over and over until the finally tell me they’ve had enough. That’s another issue too though, I’m a repetitive eater. I can eat the same meal for a long time without getting tired of it. But because I hate cooking so much, I will often purchase food with the intention of fixing it, then I don’t, and it gets tossed. I’m also really bad at planning meals. My kids spend some days with their dad and some with me, and we are super flexible, so sometimes the schedule changes. So either I end up with too much food, or no idea what to fix. I’ve always had this mindset that you need to do one big shopping…

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