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My Weight Loss Plan

My Weight Loss Plan

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How I got here…

I can’t remember the exact timeline, but a number of years ago I got dumped. Happens to all of us at least once in our lives right? I was engaged, and my fiance found someone else he’d rather marry. I was devastated. I’d experienced breakups before, but I was blindsided by this one and it hit me really hard. I wasn’t in perfect shape by any means, but I proceeded to really let myself go over the course of the next year. I got to my highest weight of 213. I had severe heartburn and developed a chronic cough which sent me to see a doctor.

The doctor I saw was filling in for my regular doctor and he was a nice retired physician who as politely as possible told me everything was being caused by my weight. He wasn’t brushing me off either, he was right. I was young, and had no risk factors for anything else that could be causing a cough like the one I had. He explained that my excess weight was causing my heartburn, which in turn caused the cough, and it wouldn’t go away because a cough is a natural irritant and it was just keeping things irritated. He advised me to drop a few pounds and sent me on my way with a prescription for heartburn medication.

I was already on daily thyroid medication, and I don’t like taking medicine unless it’s totally necessary. I didn’t care for the idea of taking medication for something that was within my control to fix. So I threw away the prescription and joined Weight Watchers.

My Weight Watchers Journey

I joined during the Points era of Weight Watchers, which switched to Points Plus about halfway through my weight loss. I loved everything about the program. I lose 60 pounds, and decided to go to work for the company as a receptionist. I was so passionate about the program I was willing to leap out of my comfort zone and go through leader training. But, once I wasn’t a paying member anymore, I got really lazy and stopped following the program the way that I should. Then I accepted a new full time job and decided to stop working for Weight Watchers. I also stopped the program entirely and proceeded to gain the weight back. I got back to 210 pounds. My Weight Loss Plan

My Current Plan…

So here I am now currently at 190 pounds. I rejoined Weight Watchers in December after hearing about their new Freestyle plan. As a vegetarian I was always disappointed by the high points of some of my staple foods and got discouraged and gave up. Freestyle made a lot of the foods I love zero points and that was a game changer for me (you can read about how much I love Freestyle in this post). I was able to drop 20 pounds in just a few months. Then I got lazy again and put back on a few pounds.

I might have quit again, but then I decided to take on an exercise challenge. I’ve had a Beachbody on Demand membership for a little over a year now and have sporadically followed some of the workouts. I was curious about the 80 Day Obsession program but afraid I was too out of shape to do it. But I knew that if I was going to do it, it was going to have to be in the summer when my kids were out of school so I decided to go for it. Once I got into it I knew I couldn’t blow all of that hard work with a bad diet, and went back to tracking in the Weight Watchers app. I lost the weight I had regained, and I’m back to a 20 pound loss so far. I plan to complete the 80 Day Obsession program and continue to follow Weight Watchers. I also have a Planet Fitness membership and go there when it’s convenient for an extra workout. My sons can join me there so it’s a good thing for us to do together that is also good for us. My goal is to lose the remaining 60 pounds by the time my son graduates in June of 2019.

So, that’s my current plan for the weight loss portion of this journey. Once 80 Day Obsession is finished, I’ll select a different program to follow and will keep you updated on that. If you’re interested in signing up for Weight Watchers yourself, be sure to go through Ebates to get a little cashback! Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried either of these program and how they’re working for you!

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  1. I’m behind you, Em. The struggle is real but worth it. Freestyle is a great program, the best WW has come out with yet (and we’ve been through a few, haven’t we?). Stick with it and keep us up to date as your journey continues. Dave

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