Why I Love Being Makeup Free!

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My Makeup Beginnings

When I was a pre-teen and then into my teenage years, I used to read women’s magazines and devour the beauty sections. I used to spend my money on whatever makeup I could afford and attempt to recreate the looks I saw in those pages. I was never good at it. I don’t know if it was the poor quality makeup I bought, or the fact that I just couldn’t get the technique down. Either way, I was never able to replicate the looks I loved. Over time I learned about the idea of wearing makeup that made it look like you weren’t wearing any makeup and attempted to perfect that too.

Makeup as an Adult

I got a little better with my makeup routine over time, but still couldn’t get the looks I loved. So I got to a simple routine that worked for me, and made me feel like I looked a bit better. I like the put together feeling I got when I put makeup on, and I felt like it made me look younger. But in the last few years I would be running behind in the morning getting ready and have to skip putting my makeup on in order to get out of the house on time. No one said anything if they thought I looked like I got caught in the drain…so I kept skipping it.

Alicia Keys and the #NoMakeup MovementWhy I Love Being Makeup Free

Recently singer Alicia Keys has made headlines for deciding to give up wearing makeup. She wrote an essay for Lenny that explained her reasons for giving it up. In her case she feels like women are put under a lot of pressure to look a certain way, and she no longer wants to be a part of that. I totally get her feelings. I think women do feel a lot of pressure to look a certain way. Some women love makeup and feel empowered when wearing it. Others feel like Alicia and I can certainly see why she would feel pressure in her industry.

I Love Being Makeup Free

Recently I got a new haircut, and with that I went out and bought some new makeup. I hadn’t been wearing it for a while and what I had was old, so I thought I’d start fresh. I wore it for a few days and realized that after my long break, I really hated putting it on again. So I’ve decided to just stick to going without. I like the way I look with makeup on, and I don’t really feel the same pressure that Alicia Keys feels even though I feel similar pressures in other areas of my life. But I like the time skipping it saves me in the morning and again in the evening when it’s time to take it off. I like being able to touch my face without thinking about what I’m messing up. I like that my skin feels cleaner, and I like that when people meet me they see exactly how I look. This is me just as I am.

Should You Go Makeup Free?

That’s 100% up to you. I will forever be in awe of makeup artists and people who are really good at doing their own makeup. I follow Kat Von D on all social media channels largely because I love her skill with makeup and love learning about her makeup line. I think women who wear makeup are beautiful. I also think women who don’t wear it are beautiful. Whatever your personal feelings are on makeup is what should drive your decision to wear it. There’s a good chance I’ll still put some on from time to time whenever I feel like it. Don’t let anyone make you feel like you have to….or that you shouldn’t. Just like our clothes and our hair, it is all about what makes us feel authentic.

Do you wear makeup or not? If you do, have you ever thought about giving it up?

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