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I’m In Love With Weight Watchers Freestyle!

I'm in Love With Weight Watchers Freestyle!

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I’ve been an on again off again member of Weight Watchers for many years. I lost over sixty pounds starting with Points and then moving into PointsPlus. I became a receptionist and then a leader. Then I got lazy and thought I had everything under control. I stopped tracking, stopped working for Weight Watchers, and proceeded to gain a good portion of my weight back. I rejoined right before the introduction of SmartPoints but that didn’t last long.

I became a vegetarian about halfway through my weight loss journey and I just didn’t click with SmartPoints. Animal protein was really low in points while things like beans either stayed the same or went up. I’m sure if I’d stuck with it I could have eventually figured it out, but I was just frustrated with the change and gave up. I proceeded to gain back all but a few pounds of the weight I had lost.

I initially joined Weight Watchers because of severe acid reflux, which completely went away when I lost the weight. Not only did that come back after gaining the weight back I started having a lot of trouble with my hiatus hernia. My legs have started hurting a lot. My oldest son runs cross country and I used to be able to follow him around the course and be tired, but overall OK after a meet. Now my legs are so sore I’d spend the day after moving as little as possible. I tried and failed at other tracking methods quite a few times.I'm in Love With Weight Watchers Freestyle!

Thankfully a friend who is still in Weight Watchers reached out to me to let me know that they were getting ready to release their new Freestyle program. I knew I couldn’t afford meetings, but I jumped in on their Cyber Monday offer and bought three months of the online version. I just finished my second week on Freestyle and after four different versions of the program I can honestly say that this one is my FAVORITE!

One major complaint about Weight Watchers is that you could get by with eating a lot of packaged and processed foods and still lose weight. That’s great for weight loss, but not so great for your overall health. This program really changes that. They’ve made over 200 foods zero points, and those foods are whole foods! They’ve finally started treating plant protein the way they treat animal protein by adding beans and tofu to the list of zero point foods. No, it’s not perfect if you’re coming from the perspective of eating a plant based diet. But if you’re like me and know you’re going to slip up and eat stuff you shouldn’t, it couldn’t be better. It really makes you think more about your indulgences than any of the previous versions I’ve been on.

There’s a lot more I can and will say on Freestyle in future posts, but if you’re on the fence about giving Weight Watchers a try I’d say go for it! I lost 2.9 my first week, and 1.3 this week (and I had lunch at an Italian restaurant, and went to a holiday potluck). I’m excited to be on this journey again. If you’re interested in starting this journey for yourself, be sure to sign up through Ebates to get cash back!

Have you ever tried Weight Watchers? Are you doing the new Freestyle program?

6 thoughts on “I’m In Love With Weight Watchers Freestyle!

  1. Just started but am confused if I’m on Freestyle? I’m tracking points but really\ don’t understand what Freestyle is all about. The website doesn’t answer my questions.

    1. Basically Freestyle is just SmartPoints enhanced. They’re still using the SmartPoints system, but they have made over 200 foods zero points and have lowered your daily points accordingly. Their goal is to get you to focus on whole foods and to avoid packaged and processed foods, so the zero point food list is made up of whole foods. They hope that you’ll stick mostly to those foods, and use your points allowance on things like starchy veggies and whole grains. Then your weekly points can be used for your treats. You can now roll over up to four points per day which makes holidays and special occasions much easier. You have the option to track or not track the zero point foods. I personally track and I still keep an eye on portion sizes because even though the foods are zero, it’s not a free for all. I want to see everything I ate and what happens on the scale so I can see how I’m doing with portions. So just think of it as SmartPoints only better!

  2. Just started Freestyle day three so far it is great. Like you I have lost 75 pounds on Points and 30 on Points Plus but every time I stop tracking the weight comes slowly back. I have just joined on line for. Ow but will see how it goes…so looking forward to feeling better because 60 pounds on me that I do not need is not feeling good at all!

  3. I am also a life time member that has gain weight back because I quit keeping track. I love this new freedom style. I lost 38 pounds the first time and I am down 8 pounds so far since the beginning if the year. I have 20 more to go but I am sticking with it more this time

  4. I have been on WW since Sept 22. I guess, even tho I’m tracking, I’m doing ok. I’m not gaining, but I have only lost 17 lbs. So when I see the advertisement to lose 1-2 per week, i’m on the lower end. It’s hard because I do cook for the family. I also had the gastric sleeve, but i guess I stretched it out because i haven’t lost all that I expected to or wanted to. But, I’m trying with this WW Freestyle.

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