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Do you need a professional writer to write copy, blog posts, or articles?


I can help with that too!

  • I have a background in writing eLearning courses for computer software applications.
  • I can take difficult concepts and break them down into easy to understand formats.
  • Experienced in creating website and social media copy.
  • I can write SEO articles and blog posts on just about any topic.
  • My specialties include plant-based eating, fitness, minimalism, ways to make extra money, and computer software.

If you are in need of a professional writer feel free to contact me at emmy@emmycaitlin.com


Published Samples

Review on For Profit Blogging

Huffington Post


Are you struggling to keep on top of all of your social media channels?


If so, I can help!

  • I specialize in taking the busy work off your hands!
  • I can set up and maintain scheduling for your social media channels.
  • I can create and monitor ad campaigns.
  • I can create content and basic graphics for your various channels.

I’d love to discuss how I can help you with your social media presence. Reach out to me at emmy@emmycaitlin.com