Fabletics Pairs Fashion with Function

Fabletics Pairs Fashion with Function

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Fabletics Pairs Fashion with FunctionWhether you’re just getting into a workout routine, or you’ve been getting your sweat on for a long time, you learn very quickly that what you’re wearing makes a big difference in how you feel. You need fabrics that breathe, and that move with you no matter what type of activity you’re participating in. You don’t want to spend a bunch of time tugging at your clothes trying to get them adjusted correctly, or have them in your way. I have to admit that as a curvy girl I’ve had a very difficult time finding clothes that were comfortable that I wasn’t always pulling at during a workout. Enter Fabletics!

The Leggings!

I recently had the chance to select an outfit from their January collection and give it a test to see what I thought. I have to say that I am in LOVE! I am someone who will often throw on her workout gear and run a few errands before I get to the activity I’m planning. So I decided to select a pair of their High Waisted 7/8’s because I didn’t want a full legging, but not a capri either. I also wanted the higher waist because my waist is a trouble spot for me and I never feel like I have the support I need in that area. I wasn’t sure what to expect but these leggings are amazing! They were so easy to put on and their compression fabric gave me tons of support while still allowing me to move and feel great. They didn’t move, they didn’t sag, and I never had to adjust them while I was working out. They’re moisture wicking and they did a great job of keeping me feeling dry despite working up a good sweat. I could not have asked for a better pair of pants to work out in. It doesn’t hurt that they’re also super cute and have a fun print.

The Tunic!

Since I do run out in my workout clothes, I wanted a cute top to throw on over my sports bra. I picked the Daria L/S Tunic. I wasn’t sure about it because I knew the fabric might be a little clingy and I’m a bit self conscious, but this top fit great and I felt great in it. The cowl back is so cute and made me feel like I was put together even though I was in my workout gear. The fabric is so soft and I loved wearing it. I can totally see myself wearing this shirt with jeans as well as my workout clothes. Overall I loved both pieces that I picked out. There’s nothing bad I could say about either of them. I’ve washed them both and they were super easy to care for and came out looking just the way I put them in.Fabletics Pairs Fashion with Function

Get Your Own Fabletics Outfit!

It’s obvious to me that Fabletics cares about the quality of the clothing that they’re making and I will be looking into their VIP membership and picking up some more pieces. They’ve got casual tops, tanks, sports bras, jackets, and a variety of leggings. You can really complete your athletic wardrobe all in one place. With their VIP membership you get 40%- 50% off retail prices, and free shipping on orders over $49.95. You can also earn points for for free gear. Who doesn’t love free stuff? You always get to choose whether or not you shop each month and right now and right now new members can get their first 2 pairs of leggings for only $24! I can truly say that I’m already in love with their clothes after trying these two pieces and I think you will be too. Get over to Fabletics and check them out!

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