Eight Goals for 2019

Eight Goals for 2019

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A new year is here and I’m ready for it! I know that you can make a new start at any time, but I love the way the new year feels. It feels like time for a fresh start. I know I tend to let a lot of things slide toward the end of the year because I’m generally on vacation and feeling lazy. 2018 was a whole year of being lazy and making excuses and I’m feeling rather sick of myself. Resolutions have never been my thing, but I do have some plans for 2019.

#1 Get Back on the WW Train

I started 2018 out with a bang with weight loss, but it went downhill after that. I’m very much an emotional eater and I let WAY too many things impact my choices. I had set a goal to lose 60 pounds by the time my oldest son graduates in June and I will not hit that goal. But I can lose some weight before that date, so I am getting serious about tracking again.

#2 Get Back Into Fitness

I used to love to workout. I even wanted to be a personal trainer for a while. I looked back through my Facebook memories and I was running 5K’s with friends, going to the gym, and trying all kinds of new fitness routines. I felt better, looked better, and it helped keep my anxiety and depression in check. I’m paying for a gym membership, and a Beachbody on Demand membership and not using either, so that is something I plan to get back into right away.

#3 Declutter

After reading The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up I did a serious purge of stuff from my house. It appears that a lot of things found there way back. Or I didn’t get rid of enough to start with. Either way, there’s too much stuff in my house and it needs to go. I plan to sell or donate a lot of stuff this year. I took a good but to the local thrift store on New Year’s Eve so I’m already making good on this promise.

#4 Get Control of My Finances

I’ve been using You Need a Budget (YNAB) for several years to manage my money and it has helped a lot. I don’t use it to its full potential, and I don’t adhere close enough to the budget to make it as beneficial as it could be. I WAM (whack a mole) way too much because I don’t check the budget and spend within that. So that’s a big goal for this year because I know that if I do that, I will have a lot more success. After reading The Year of Less last year I had planned to do a spending ban. I even wrote up rules for it, but I never got started. I reread the book a few days ago and it has re-energized me and now I want to try this. I’m going to revise my rules and give it a go. I’ll do another post on that soon.

Eight Goals for 2019

#5 Hustle

This one goes along with getting control of my finances. I plan to make this year the year of hustling. I’m going to look into every possible way to make more money and grow side income. My job situation is a little sticky right now and there’s a chance I could find myself unemployed this year. I want to start securing some other sources of income even if that doesn’t happen. I really want to work on growing this blog and do a lot more freelance writing.

#6 Less Social Media

This one is pretty self explanatory. I spend a TON of time on social media and none of it is productive. I love seeing what my friends post, but it is a huge time suck. I also allow myself to get sucked into debates and start comparing my life to others. I want to use social media for positive things this year, but I also want to use it a lot less.

#7 More Being Social

I’m reading Year of Yes by Shonda Rimes right now and let me tell you that this woman is speaking to me! I’m an introvert and I say “no” to pretty much everything. I’ve allowed my social life to disappear and that’s left me feeling more depressed and disconnected from the world. I need to start saying “yes” to invitations and putting myself out there more to meet new people. Internally I’m screaming about this one because as an introvert there’s nothing I like more than hiding out at home. But hiding out at home doesn’t allow me to make connections with other people and I do want that. So I’m going to have to make a conscious effort to be around people.

#8 Read More

I love to read. I still remember getting my first library card. I have tons of books, but I always say I don’t have enough time to read. Truth is, I have time, I’m wasting it on social media. I signed up for a reading challenge on Goodreads and set a modest goal that I can hit and will hopefully surpass.

I know this sounds like a lot of stuff, but I’m feeling very motivated. Do you have any goals for 2019? Tell me about them and let’s support each other!

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