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Several years ago I was overweight and had developed severe heartburn which then turned into a chronic cough. My doctor told me what I already knew, that the heartburn was caused by my weight and he sent me off with a prescription. I threw the prescription in the trash and joined Weight Watchers. Over the course of a year I lost sixty pounds. Then over the next five years I gained fifty of those pounds back. During the year I lost the weight I became a vegetarian. I started absorbing every bit of knowledge I could get my hands on about vegan, vegetarian, and plant based diets.

Enter Eat to Live

I happened to be home in the middle of a weekday and caught an episode of Dr. Oz (cue groaning…I don’t like him anymore either). One of the guests on his show was Dr. Joel Fuhrman and he was talking about his book Eat to Live. Oddly enough I already had a copy of the book sitting on my shelf. I had purchased it during an Amazon holiday sale because I thought it looked interesting, but I hadn’t read it. I read it in a few days and I was blown away by what it had to say. I started reading and watching everything I could get my hands on from Dr. Furhman. I was even lucky enough to see him speak in a small group setting, then again at a TEDx event that I will post below. But I never followed his plan.

The Six Week Plan

Fast forward to the present and I have decided that enough is enough. I’m tired of being overweight. I’m tired of thinking about food every moment of every day, and I’m tried of the cravings. Dr. Fuhrman promises that if I follow his prescription for optimum health all of that will change. So as of October 31st I have decided to give it a go. Below you will find the “rules” of his six week plan for weight loss. There is a ton of science to back up his health claims but I certainly don’t have time to list it all here so I suggest checking out his website, or reading one of his books.


  • Raw vegetables – goal 1 pound dailyEat To Live - The Six Week Plan
  • Cooked vegetables – goal 1 pound daily
  • Beans or legumes – goal 1 cup daily
  • Fresh fruit – goal at least 4 daily


  • Grains and starchy vegetables – no more than 1 cup daily
  • Raw nuts and seeds – no more than one ounce daily
  • Avocado – no more than two ounces daily
  • Ground flaxseed – 1 Tbsp daily

Off Limits

  • All animal products – no meat or dairy
  • Between meal snacking
  • Fruit juice and dried fruit
  • Processed foods
  • Oil

Sound strict? I guess that in some ways it is. But it is designed to change your taste buds and to cure cravings. You can stay on the six week plan until you have reached your ideal body weight, or you can move to his life plan which allows for a little more flexibility.

Have you read Eat to Live? Would you give this a try?

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