Save a Bunch of Money on Your Cell Phone Bill

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Are you sick of paying too much for your cell phone?

I am in a lot of groups about saving money or getting out of debt. Once common question in all of these groups is “how do I save money on my cell phone bill?” Cell phones are becoming a part of everyone’s life, and the bill is also becoming a point of contention in everyone’s budget. If you’re sick of paying too much for your cell phone read on to see how I lowered this cost for my family.

Evaluate your usage

The first thing I did when I was considering making a change to my plan or provider was evaluate how I was using my phone. Most providers offer some sort of data usage information that you can use to determine how many texts you send, minutes you use for calling, and how much data you are using. When I did this, I realized that I was using about 6GB of data. I had an unlimited plan, so I’d never paid any attention before. I knew that a lot of the time I would leave my wifi access turned off, so I was always using cellular data. I turned my wifi on and didn’t touch it again for several weeks. I made sure to connect whenever I was near a location with free wifi. I quickly went from using 6GB to 2gB just by making sure I was on wifi.

Evaluate your phone needs

I am very attached to my iPhone. I financed a phone through a big carrier and at the time of my switch it was two years old and still working perfectly. Once I was out of my contract I knew I could take it with me wherever I wanted to go. Not all phones can be moved somewhere else, so you need to check to be sure that yours can. You also need to decide if you’re someone who can do without the newest phone, or afford to purchase it outright. You can also look into the cost of used unlocked phones and see if you can find something that will meet your needs when your current phone needs to be replaced. In my case. I didn’t care about having the newest phone. I also knew that I could afford to be an older iPhone outright if mine were to die on me.

Shop AroundSave a Bunch of Money on Your Cell Phone Bill

Once you know exactly how you use your phone you need to compare plans from the major carriers. But even more than that, you should give consideration to the lesser known pre-paid carriers. I have two teenage boys, so I needed the best plan I could get at the best price. I evaluated company after company. I finally settled on Cricket Wireless. I was able to take my phone and number to their service easily and went from paying $75 a month to $35 for unlimited talk and text, plus 2.5GB of high speed data. There were other plans I could have picked from and all were affordable. After I used them for a while, I moved my children onto my plan. Each new line came with an amazing multi-line discount and now I have five lines and only pay $100 a month. We don’t share data either, we each get our own 2.5GB. I never experience dropped calls, and we’ve only found one very remote location where the phones don’t work, but in fairness to Cricket, phones from major carriers don’t work their either.

Should you switch to Cricket?

My short answer would be YES! But in reality you need to evaluate your needs and see if they really are the best company for your needs. I’ve had fantastic customer service with them, and I’ve had no issues with changing phones when I decided to upgrade. If you are interested in making the switch, you can use my referral link and get a $25 bill credit!

Are you happy with your cell phone provider? Have you switched from a big company to a provider like Cricket?

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