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Don’t Trust Your Blog to Bluehost

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I have been blogging for quite a while on a variety of different blogs and platforms. Everything I know about it, I’ve learned by trial and error and from other bloggers. I learned pretty quickly that you really need to have your blog on a host instead of just using free platforms if you want to have more control over what you do with your site. My newbie status and the desire to not spend a lot of money led me to choose Bluehost as my first hosting provider. This was a long time ago when their service was reportedly much better. My site was down…a lot. I wasn’t making any money, it was all for fun, but I knew enough to know that I shouldn’t be spending money on something that didn’t work. So I left and moved to Hostgator. Fast forward to now, and I have left Hostgator as well.

What’s Wrong with Bluehost?

I’m in a lot of blogging groups on Facebook. Every day one or more bloggers comes into the group with a question about what host they should move to in order to leave Bluehost. Or their site is down, or has an error and Bluehost swears that the problem isn’t on their end. It’s frustrating to see so many of these same posts knowing that while they didn’t spend a ton of money on this service, they did spend money, and they did it because Bluehost is so heavily promoted in the blogging community.

Bluehost was acquired by EIG, as was Hostgator (I don’t recommend them either). They also own a lot of other hosting companies that you may have considered as well, so check this list before you decide who to go with. This seems to have led to a big change in everything over there which has resulted in horrible outcomes for people using them. A lot of the problems are technical and somewhat over my head, but the end result is pretty much consistent. Tons of bloggers have been led to Bluehost and are now very unhappy.

Why Does Everyone Recommend Bluehost?Don't Trust Your Blog to Bluehost

If you’ve been looking around for information on blogging, then you have probably seen a lot of bloggers who suggest Bluehost. So why would they do that if they’re so bad? I think that overwhelmingly it’s because they don’t know any better. Bluehost is cheap, so when you’re just getting started it seems like an appealing option. Many of these bloggers probably started there, then needed to move on when their sites grew. So they don’t realize how bad it has become because they aren’t there anymore. They’re not trying to mislead you intentionally. There’s another reason as well. Bluehost pays BIG affiliate commissions. Even on their smallest packages bloggers can make serious money if someone uses their link to sign up. But again, in most cases, even if they’re making money, these people aren’t trying to mislead you.

So Who Should I Use For Hosting?

There are lot of companies out there that are not affiliated with EIG, and I don’t have the technical know-how to compare them all and suggest one for you based on anything other than personal experience. I wouldn’t recommend one I haven’t used either. So for now, I can only suggest looking into the host I use now. After talking to people who are paid to manage websites, and reading a lot of comparison articles, I opted to go with Siteground. They are still reasonably priced, they offer plenty of room for growth, and they have been amazing so far. Their customer service helped me with my site migration and it went flawlessly. I’ve experienced no down time, and they have helped me with every support question I’ve had (all of which were my own issues, not theirs). After being with two bad hosting companies, I can safely say that they are one of the good ones. Yes, I am an affiliate, so I will get a small payout if you sign up with them through my link. But, if I were ever to find that they were going the way of these other hosts, I would immediately stop promoting them. Just be sure to do your own research, ask plenty of questions, and weigh all of your options before making your selection.

Have you been burned by Bluehost?

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  1. Yes. Stay away from them. Have suffered some losses because of their mistakes to which all they can say is “sorry”.

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