How Apps Paid for Christmas!

How Apps Paid for Christmas!

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Can I Earn Enough for Christmas?

I have never been very good at saving money for Christmas. It’s not like it sneaks up on me, it’s always in December. But I never properly prepare and always struggle to pay for things. Or even worse, I get into more debt to make sure everyone has a nice holiday. Last January I decided to try a little experiment. I wanted to see if I could pay for Christmas using money and rewards that I earned just by using the apps on my phone.

So how did it work?

Well, here we are in December and I wanted to share my results. I want to emphasize that I really didn’t utilize any of these apps to their fullest potential. If I had, I think my results would have been even better. Even still, I’m really happy with how things turned out and I intend to repeat this process starting now so that I’m ready for next year!

The Apps I Used

Swagbucks – This was by far my biggest earner. I have a complete guide for how I use Swagbucks and that’s how I reached my level of earnings. All said and done I was able to cash out for $190 in Amazon gift cards. I buy most of my gifts on Amazon anyway, so that’s why I chose to cash out on Amazon. Swagbucks offers a lot of options, including Paypal cash, but Amazon just makes the most sense for me. Update: I forgot I had another $50 in pending cards that have now been sent to me!

iBotta – iBotta is a grocery shopping app. You can go through it before your trip and see the cash back offers they have an make your list accordingly. That’s not how I use it though because I fear it will make me purchase things I don’t really need. So, I tend to use it after my trip and only get the cash back on what I needed. This year, I think I will check it a little bit more before my trips though because sometimes just buying a different brand of something I’d planned to purchase would have earned me cash back and not cost me more money. Even with just doing it after the fact I earned $52.50 and was able to immediately transfer that money to Paypal.

Wal-Mart Savings Catcher – This app lets you scan your Wal-Mart receipt and then it searches other local stores to see if they offered a lower price for something you purchased. If they did, Wal-Mart gives you the difference back. You can then transfer it to an eGift card or to a Bluebird card. I opted for the gift card and was able to cash out for about $52!How Apps Paid for Christmas!

Apps I Haven’t Cashed Out

Ebates – I have the Chrome extension, so it lets me know when I can get cash back at the site I’m on. I haven’t kept track of how much I’ve made from this one this year, but I have received several deposits. This one is really worth it if you shop online and the extension makes it so you never have to think about it.

Shopkick – I have a good many points saved up in this one, but I’m still debating what to use my points for. Looks like I’ll be able to cash out for two $10 gift cards.

Checkout51 – I haven’t quite hit the minimum to cash out here. They don’t have as many offers, but the work a lot like iBotta.

Now I know that this doesn’t seem like a lot to most people. But I don’t buy for too many people so it worked out really well. Even if you have a lot more people to buy for, using these apps will save you a lot of money and help you get a lot paid for just for doing things you do anyway.

Do you use any of these apps? Are you going to give them a try to help with next year’s holiday shopping?

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